Frio Light Bar

The Frio Light Bar is the perfect addition to any cooler, man cave, garage, or outdoor party! 


- Motion sensitive magnetic light. Use it on the Frio Light Bar or use it to find your way around the camp!

- Bottle Opener

- Twist-Off Bottle Opener which is perfect for opening 2 liters or any plastic twist off container.

-  Aluminum body is rust proof & durable.

- 4 Screws included to place in most locations.


- Due to the size of Light Bar, cooler capacity will be slightly reduced. 

- Product may void warranty of your particular brand of cooler. You must take responsibility of your decision to modify your cooler. 

- Light component is water resistant, not water proof - you must handle with care - Frio Ice Chests will not be responsible to water damage to your light.


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